The Napoleon of South Africa

Recently I began watching a great historical drama series on Netflix. Like any historical media that I enjoy I like to dig deeper into the history and see how accurate the retelling actually is. So far, with the exception of a prophecy and a creepy witch doctor, this series seems to remain pretty accurate to history as we know it. Who is this mysterious warrior king of South Africa? It’s none other than Shaka Zulu.

Most of Shaka’s early life was only told in oral tradition and not written down until towards the end of his life. Due to this, there are varying accounts of the details of his birth and childhood. For narrative sake, I’ve stuck to one of the more believable and well-known versions of the story. There are definitely more fantastical versions of this story, and if you find any of this interesting I’d suggest you look into some of them. Continue reading The Napoleon of South Africa