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HBO’s Rome: 2000 Year Old Spoilers

I’ve recently finished watching HBO’s Rome on Amazon Instant Video, and even though I consistently knew the outcome of every major plot point well in advance it was still shocking and fantastic to watch. Rome ran for 2 seasons from 2005 – 2007. It is a historical drama that could be described as a historically accurate Game of Thrones for today’s viewers. I will warn you now that the following may contain SPOILERS because I feel like 2000 years is a long enough time to allow such things.

The show is centered around Rome’s turbulent transition from a Republic to an Empire. The story follows Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, two fictional Roman soldiers, and their dealings with historical figures such as Julius Caesar, Pompey Magnus, Marc Antony, Octavian Caesar, and even Cleopatra. The depth of the characters is great and the actors portraying them are masters of their art. I found myself switching between loving a character and then hating them or vice versa. By the time the series had ended I had changed views on every character at least once or twice which just goes to show there are no blacks and whites of morality, just varying shades of gray. Continue reading HBO’s Rome: 2000 Year Old Spoilers