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Initial Goals

Hey guys, currently the site looks a bit barren. I just got everything ready to go last night before bed. Currently I’m working on getting familiar with WordPress as well as preparing some initial content to cover. 

As it stands now I’m looking to start by covering the ancient Greek Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. I’m not sure if I’ll cover any specific historical figures from the civilizations initially or come back to the later. One historical figure I’m leaning towards covering early on will be the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. 
I also believe I will do posts on relevant movies, TV shows, books, and since I am a gamer, historically themed games. I’m looking at you Age of Empires and Civilization. 

If anyone has any comments, suggestions for topics they’d like to see covered don’t be afraid to comment on the posts, email me at, or reach out on social media. I’m on Facebook @ancivs and Twitter @ancivsblog. 

Aspiring Historian, John Vaught