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The Etruscans: Building the Foundations of Rome

Roman history is something I’ve been very interested in for the better part of a decade now, and one of the reasons I launched this site. The trouble with it is that it’s just so vast that finding a starting and stopping point can prove a bit difficult with about 2000 years of history to sift through. I had initially decided to break my Rome articles up into 3 distinct parts, the Roman Kingdom, Republic, and Empire. I could even split the Empire section up into the fall of Western Rome and the continuation in the East that came to be known as the Byzantine Empire. I can’t wait to get into the history of Rome proper with you all, but there’s another story that must be told first. The story of the major power in Italy before the Romans reigned supreme. The story of the Etruscans, our Roman Kingdom prequel. Continue reading The Etruscans: Building the Foundations of Rome